On The Facebook SEO Page

On The Facebook SEO Page

There it sat for several years invisible to the public but now the Facebook page for real estate SEO has been made public.

Here is a photo about the topic of something else.

This was more fun than working. Facebook SEO for real estate

This was more fun than working. Facebook SEO for real estate.

The scene is in Hawaii and not far from Waikiki where condominium rentals abound.

You may need to empathize with those who don’t understand your offer. This is where I didn’t like some selling jobs where I felt this:  The thing that I was supposed to sell was not good for the person who was supposed to buy it. That’s a situation nobody wants to the end. Working for yourself in marketing steers you clear of most of that automatically.  That’s one of the things that made SEO specializing in real estate feel more attractive.  Real estate was something people actually wanted. That made it a lot more palatable for selling.

Supposedly, the number of words in a post makes the links more likely to count but I don’t believe that’s necessarily true.

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