About Those Colorado Fires

I didn’t actually realize just where the recent Colorado fires were until one of my colleagues showed up on a video explaining how he had been evacuated from an area adjacent to Aspen. He also said there were so few houses available that a fire which destroyed homes would have been devastating to the economy for many years to come because people would not only be out of the home but they would have to leave the area.

 I don’t know if this is the same for Aspen as it is for the town of Basalt but I’m hoping the Aspen Real Estate Market Report with Tim Estin eventually has something to say on the topic.

Staging Your Jupiter Home

Staging Your Jupiter Home

So, you have finally decided to sell your Jupiter home, here are some tips and tricks of how to stage a property in an effort to make a quicker sale.

Marketing Your Jupiter Home

When selling your house, you need to recognise that you are now selling a product and the product needs to be marketed in the best way possible and this is where staging comes in to play. Buyers will purchase a house they are most drawn to, the house they want to make a home and can picture themselves relaxing in.

You Gotta Have Something There

Don’t leave any rooms empty, empty rooms can make it harder for the buyer to picture living there. Empty rooms can also appear smaller without any furniture to provide context of space. Less furniture is more don’t overcrowd the space you have your home can look bigger if it’s not over crowded.

When arranging furniture make sure it enhances the rooms best features you want to lead the eye of the potential buyer. Don’t block huge windows or overcrowd feature fireplaces.

Declutter Or Die

Cluttered room Jupiter Home

Remove personal items and clutter. Put away the family photos, personal bathroom items, pill bottles, papers etc. When a potential buyer walks in they want to picture themselves stood at the bathroom mirror brushing their teeth, sitting in the lounge reading the newspaper, basically they want to picture a life in your house and with a lot of personal items and clutter around this could be distracting.

Let The Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in, open all window coverings, don’t just open the blinds, raise them so light can get in and that way potential buyers can see the view. Homebuyers love light and bright rooms.

Your home needs to feel comfortable to buyers as this helps with them picturing feeling comfortable living there. Add some fluffy towels to the bathroom, pillows to the bed or couch, although not too many as you don’t want it to look cluttered! Decorative candles placed here and there can add a bit of style and can also add a nice fragrance to the room, just remember to keep it pleasant as an overpowering scent can be all someone thinks about and can be off putting.

Cleanliness Is Next To SOLD

Sold House

An important part of staging is cleaning! Nobody wants to tour a dirty house, dusty rooms can be the first thing that potential buyers will notice and therefore shattering the illusion of them living there. You need the buyers to notice the great things your property has to offer, the view, the large windows, the spacious rooms and so on. Cleanliness is a big factor when trying to sell your home and can give the impression that the property has been well maintained.

If you have outside space, you want to set the scene as soon as they arrive at the door. Lawns must be mowed and edged, bushes trimmed, flower beds weeded. Add colourful flowers near to the front door in pots or flowerbeds.

Atlantic Ocean Getaways Straight from Your Backyard Real Estate

Atlantic Ocean Getaways Straight from Your Backyard Real Estate

Living on the east coast of Florida gives homeowners in many areas in the state access to intracoastal waterways. In some areas such as Admirals Cove in Jupiter,  Florida, a homeowner can simply walk out the back door down to the dock, get on their boat or yacht and sail away as far as the fuel they have take them. The journey starts out right there as stated, in the homeowners own Admirals Cove real estate location. Further inland in Palm Beach Gardens is the golf club community of Mirasol homes. They range in price to the millions and have exclusive access to luxury amenities of the club and championship golf course.

admirals cove real estate aerial view

The visibility of real estate is often dependent on effective real estate SEO content.

On The Facebook SEO Page

On The Facebook SEO Page

There it sat for several years invisible to the public but now the Facebook page for real estate SEO has been made public.

Here is a photo about the topic of something else.

This was more fun than working. Facebook SEO for real estate

This was more fun than working. Facebook SEO for real estate.

The scene is in Hawaii and not far from Waikiki where condominium rentals abound.

You may need to empathize with those who don’t understand your offer. This is where I didn’t like some selling jobs where I felt this:  The thing that I was supposed to sell was not good for the person who was supposed to buy it. That’s a situation nobody wants to the end. Working for yourself in marketing steers you clear of most of that automatically.  That’s one of the things that made SEO specializing in real estate feel more attractive.  Real estate was something people actually wanted. That made it a lot more palatable for selling.

Supposedly, the number of words in a post makes the links more likely to count but I don’t believe that’s necessarily true.

Granite Dells Prescott Lakes AZ

Granite Dells Prescott Lakes AZ

Prescott Lakes is a great place own home. All Prescott Arizona offers a wide variety of outdoor activities year-round Here for example or the Granite Dell, a series of 1.4 billion-year-old rock formations They jut out as an island surrounded by Lake Watsons waters. Not far from Prescott Arizona it is in an amazing place for water sports including paddle boarding.

 paddle boarding near Prescott AZ real estate

Cooling off in the Granite Dells near Prescott AZ homes

It’s a great place to cool off for people and pets too. There are plenty of places just like this to enjoy all year round for owners of Prescott, AZ real estate. The outdoors life beckons to homeowners year-round.

Paddleboarding in the Granite Dells from Fuiste on Vimeo.

Lake Of The Ozarks Resort Property

Lake Of The Ozarks Resort Property

Before you get the idea that owning a home on table rock Lake, Branson Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks is some kind of older folks retirement idea, look at what’s happening on the lake. some pretty awesome stunts  can be seen almost year-round on the lake.

Kirby Liesmann from Loren Paul on Vimeo.

And it takes all kinds to enjoy this outdoor paradise.

 sports on Lake of the Ozarks

Kirby’s School Of Wake

You will find plenty of homes of all styles for everyone.  You can click through here to find out about Table rock Lake real estate in Branson Mo. The homes for sale there and their prices may surprise you.


Check Out Fish Creek

Check Out Fish Creek

Check out Steamboat Springs real estate downtown, Fish Creek and Mountain Area. Like open spaces? There’s Strawberry Park. Fields of green in summer and pure champagne powder white in winter. 

Mud run in late spring.

Steamboat Springs Premium Custom real estate

Go directly here for Steamboat Springs Premium Custom real estate and find out how to get the best deal on a custom Steamboat Springs home of condo.

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